The simple purpose of our work is to help businesses shine and grow. 

We work with clients with very different needs: startups, established mid-stage SMEs and agencies, and selected larger Blue-Chip companies.

What they all have in common is ambition, creativity and a certain disruptiveness – along with a desire to increase the sum total of human happiness.

We work with young or more established businesses to facilitate value growth, and provide impartial and objective advice to entrepreneurs. A little like a commercial/creative NED service – but more engaged with the goals of the business and the personal aims of entrepreneurs.

For agencies in the creative and research/insight sectors, we also run projects to create new ideas, initiatives, IP and products that will help differentiate agencies, add competitive advantage, and bring in new revenues.


We work with start-ups and early stage companies to develop effective strategies, strong market propositions, and compelling business plans, so as to create and capitalise on growth opportunities.



We work with marketing departments in innovative Blue Chip companies to foster creativity and integration in customer insight, formulating creative strategies for expansion and growth, all the way through to better ROI.

We add value by objectively advising on and reviewing existing or planned strategic research and insight workstreams.


We work with charities and not-for-profits on a somewhat different basis – let’s call it semi-commercial – on terms entirely dependent on the nature of the cause, all in the service of the greater good.

It’s amongst the most rewarding work we do.

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