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Post-Truth, or Pre-Truth?

So ‘post-truth’ officially became a thing. It’s the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year, somewhat euphemistically defined as relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and

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Barely understood by those who should know better; poorly grasped by too many marketers; and a thoroughgoing generator of blank looks and actual visceral fear amongst CEOs – the concept of liminality really ought to be getting a better press.

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Notes from an Echo Chamber

We’ve heard a lot about echo chambers recently. I am concerned the market research industry has created one of its own. In a recent article The Cognitive Dissidents, I talked about the issue of diminishing trust in institutions and the

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The Cognitive Dissidents

We’ve had enough of ‘experts’. The ‘mainstream media’ is lying to us. You can’t trust the opinion polls. In fact, they’re ‘rigged’; and while we’re at it, so is the entire democratic process. The ‘metropolitan elite’ live in a bubble

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The Mythical Start-up Menagerie

When things go super-well in the start-up world, it’s become customary to speak of ‘unicorns’. They’re beautiful, magical, popular, successful animals that all people love and all normal horses want to be. But sightings of unicorns are by definition extremely rare. We all

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In a previous article here I argued that notwithstanding the general flurry of attention surrounding ‘Millennials’, they simply don’t exist as an overarching concept for close marketing. You might as well say ‘the under 40s’ – and we know what a

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Too Cool for School

A certain start-up I know wants to be cool. And why not? Cool is a good thing. Cool sells, doesn’t it? But they also want to be big. They want loads of users, not just the razor-sharp pointy end of

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