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In a previous article here I argued that notwithstanding the general flurry of attention surrounding ‘Millennials’, they simply don’t exist as an overarching concept for close marketing. You might as well say ‘the under 40s’ – and we know what a

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Too Cool for School

A certain start-up I know wants to be cool. And why not? Cool is a good thing. Cool sells, doesn’t it? But they also want to be big. They want loads of users, not just the razor-sharp pointy end of

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Millennials Don’t Exist

‘We need to target Millennials!’  Everybody keeps on talking about them, and we think we know who they are. Millennials, also known as Generation Y or the Net Generation, are – by approximate common consent – the demographic cohort that

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The Sum Total of Human Happiness

Let’s talk about Utilitarianism! No, seriously, come back… It’s a theory in normative ethics, holding that the best moral action is the one that maximises utility, and in so doing increases the sum total of well-being, a.k.a. happiness. Utility is defined

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The Future of Work… is here

I’ve been taking time out from the corporate world lately to pursue other more worthwhile interests, including working with a number of digital start-ups. It’s been a refreshing experience to see new ideas being pursued with such energy and enthusiasm.

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