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Think Like a Start-Up

Agencies love training about things like methodology, and that’s always helpful in the day job. But my training and inspiration workshops are more about ways of thinking, and then ways of applying that thinking to client work to really make

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Observing Workplace Culture

As businesses grow, there is sometimes a danger that their internal culture changes, one imperceptible step at a time, until their DNA becomes diluted. Or perhaps their original DNA mutated a long time ago, and they want to get it

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The Culturise Collaboration

As part of the R&D and evolution of the Happiness Project, along with a few other initiatives, I’ve launched a new collaboration – Culturise. It’s a collaborative group of independent thinkers and doers. We’re part think tank, part virtual agency,

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Barely understood by those who should know better; poorly grasped by too many marketers; and a thoroughgoing generator of blank looks and actual visceral fear amongst CEOs – the concept of liminality really ought to be getting a better press.

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The Mythical Start-up Menagerie

When things go super-well in the start-up world, it’s become customary to speak of ‘unicorns’. They’re beautiful, magical, popular, successful animals that all people love and all normal horses want to be. But sightings of unicorns are by definition extremely rare. We all

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Too Cool for School

A certain start-up I know wants to be cool. And why not? Cool is a good thing. Cool sells, doesn’t it? But they also want to be big. They want loads of users, not just the razor-sharp pointy end of

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The Future of Work… is here

I’ve been taking time out from the corporate world lately to pursue other more worthwhile interests, including working with a number of digital start-ups. It’s been a refreshing experience to see new ideas being pursued with such energy and enthusiasm.

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