The Culturise Collaboration

As part of the R&D and evolution of the Happiness Project, along with a few other initiatives, I’ve launched a new collaboration – Culturise.

It’s a collaborative group of independent thinkers and doers. We’re part think tank, part virtual agency, and all good. Our shared goal is to help organisations reflect on the big questions.

We’re collectively aiming to help businesses and brands rebuild trust, authenticity and social relevance in a ‘post-trust’ world.

Founding collaborators include Grant McCracken, Mark Earls, Fiona Blades of Mesh Experience, Siamack Salari of EthOs, Ian Murray of House51, Stephen Cribbett of Dub and Tim Spencer of Cognitif.

We’re also working with One Young World to pilot a scheme called The Conscience – a community of young future leaders passionate about making the world a better place.

The website is here: Culturise


News article here: Research Live Article: Culturise

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