Neon & Vine is an ideas company.

We provide experienced consultancy, advice, and all-round good thinking with a winning combination of commercial nous and creative flair.

We do two main things:

Consulting: we advise start-ups, SMEs and established Blue Chip companies in the art of growing value and developing powerful propositions and brands.

Production: creating new businesses from concepts in collaboration with innovators, cultural experts, and investors.

What we love most is helping bring worthwhile big ideas to life, and helping make new and exciting things happen. In short: ideas that make a difference.


Principle #1: if you’re not in the business of increasing the sum total of human happiness, why be in business at all?

It’s that simple: we only work with clients who share this aspiration. We don’t work with companies who don’t. Life’s too short.

Principle #2: in the world of Uber and Airbnb, the old consultancy models just don’t cut it any more.

So these days, we don’t need fancy offices, high-status marketing, or any other form of chest puffery. We don’t need cumbersome overheads. We need to be networked, flexible, and agile. We need to keep things simple, and just do what we do, wherever and whenever we need to do it.

Principle #3: we don’t talk about our clients, or use them to promote us – because it’s not about us, it’s about them.

We just do what we do – which is to help innovative businesses shine and grow.


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